VSSL Special Ops Wins Urban Rec League Championship

From June 25th to August 27th, advanced VSSL players and the White Caps Operations team (“Special Ops”) played seven games in Vancouver’s Urban Rec League at Trillium Field.

After losing the first match of the season they began to play less as individuals and more as a team – developing their passing game.

All of this teamwork paid off in the final, championship game. Despite the sweltering, nearly 30 degrees weather, they won 5-0.

“Sports environments are spaces of heightened emotions and conflict — they test both our interpersonal and technical abilities. Most of us have strong opinions about how the game should be played but we have to negotiate with the rest of our teammates,” says Special Ops Captain, Nicole Dumas.

“Our team has developed an intelligence around, and adaptability to, each other. We are lucky enough to have players from many different cultures and backgrounds that can share their diverse range of skills and experiences on the field. The experience has taught me a lot.”

Special Ops continues to play in the Urban Rec League. Join us in cheering them on this season!

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