Our Code of Conduct

We’re a relaxed bunch, but we have a code of conduct that we ask all players abide by and respect.

1. Respect everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, cultural background, or religion.

2. Play fair and be a good sport. Respect the volunteers, other players, and the organizers. No slide tackles. On days we have a large number of players, sub early and often. Everyone has to sub.

3. Support one another and encourage each other in a positive way. There are different skill levels at practices, please make sure you engage everyone and pass the ball.

4. If you have a problem with someone’s behaviour, ask a volunteer to address it.

5. If a volunteer asks you to change your behaviour, remember that this is for the safety and respect of the players and organization. You may be asked to take a break from participating in the session.

6. Please note that if you are not a VSSL player and are joining in to play a pick-up game, you may not be able to play based on the numbers on the field. Please see a volunteer to find out whether we have room. If you would like to play on a regular basis, please talk to one of our volunteers about getting involved with VSSL. We always welcome new volunteers and fundraisers.

7. The food provided by the VSSL is for members and volunteers, not casual pick-up soccer players.

8. If there is an emergency, please call 911.