The Vancouver Street Soccer League is comprised of nine core teams. Most of these teams possess a specific geographic affiliation – to particular neighbourhoods, or shelters – and were founded by players who originally joined the league as individuals. Some of the teams have specific practices of their own, but most join together as a larger group for our Sunday training sessions. When we attend tournaments, however, it tends to be every team for themselves!

Alongside these Vancouver-based teams, the league works closely with other BC street soccer teams, including the Kelowna Kodiaks, the Victoria Dreams and Comox Valley’s Maple Pool United.

Aboriginal Friendship Centre

East Van’s Aboriginal Friendship Centre first entered a team into the league way back in February of 2010. Since then, they’ve been one of the most consistent sides in the league.

Covenant House

Covenant House – a youth shelter organisation with two locations in Vancouver – first became involved with the league in 2011. Since then, they have been one of the league’s best-represented sides, providing both of VSSL’s members of Team Canada’s 2013 Homeless World Cup team. Steve McMinn, their head coach (and President of the League) is contactable at mcminnconsulting [at]

Eastside Sun Eagles

The Eastside Sun Eagles are based out of Oppenheimer Park and the Carnegie Centre. The Eagles’ impressive list of accomplishments includes the 2008 Street Soccer Canada National Championship (as the Vancouver Dream Catchers), a semi-final appearance at the 2009 Nationals and another Street Soccer Canada National Championship in 2010. Contact their captain Nick Baker at (nick.baker (at)

North Shore Salvation Army Shields

The North Shore Salvation Army Shields are based out of the John Braithwaite Community Centre in North Vancouver. They entered the league with a bang, hosting and winning the first North Shore Street Soccer Tournament in January of 2010. Their head coach, Charles MacGregor, is reachable at (c57mac [at]

Portland FC

Portland FC are one of the VSSL’s heavyweight teams; so much so that they even have their own website.

Portland Phoenix

Portland Phoenix are closely affiliated to Portland FC. A veteran team of the 2011 Homeless World Cup in Paris, their roster is comprised entirely of women from the Downtown East-Side. Check out their webpage here.

Team Central

Team Central was founded in the spring of 2013 by team captain Brian Francis. Team Central consists of players who reside at the Vancouver Aboriginal Shelter located at 201 Central Street.

Station Street FC

Station Street FC was founded in the spring of 2012 by a group of ex-Portland FC players. They are a strong outfit, with a number of their players having previously attended Homeless World Cups. They are also one of the few street soccer teams that practice the proper street soccer format of the game all year round. Their captain, Virgil Goosehead, can be reached at vgoosehead [at]

Surrey FC

Surrey FC are affiliated with the Surrey-based not-for-profit Nightshift Street Ministries. They are currently looking to partner up with other community members. Contact their coach, Shawn Forde, at shawnfo [at]