Homeless World Cup 2013 – Report

The inaugural Homeless World Cup was held in Graz, Austria in 2003. Since then, it has grown into an annual event which brings together teams from around seventy countries, and supports grass-roots football programmes and social enterprise development all year round. The Vancouver Street Soccer League has previously sent players to the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 tournaments, held in Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Mexico City respectively.

This year’s Homeless World Cup was held in Poznan, Poland between the 11th and 18th of August. Two of the Vancouver Street Soccer League’s most dedicated players, Taran and Dennis, were chosen by Street Soccer Canada to represent Team Canada at the event.

Team Canada didn’t bring the trophy home, but they did record wins against Australia, Finland, South Korea, and Germany. What’s more, following consultation against the tournament referees, they brought home arguably the biggest prize of all: the Fair Play award.

Owly Images

To see a full record of the scores, check out Street Canada’s page. To watch full match highlights of all the games, check out the Homeless World Cup’s YouTube channel.

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